New Massage Therapist: We are excited to welcome Melissa Mahoney to our team as our new Massage Therapist. Melissa has recently lauched her massage business "Massage Therapy by Mel" and has quickly become very adored by her local and growing client base. Melissa has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and as such has extensive training and her services can be claimed by many health funds (extras). Melissa is working Wednesdays and can be booked for 30 minute or 60 minute appointments for relaxation and remedial massage.   

Commonwealth Games: As well as our commitment to supporting local and upcoming athletes, we are pleased to announce that Laura Crowe-Owen (our Principal Physiotherapist and APA Sports Physiotherapist) will be attending the Copmmonwealth Games Netball Event.  

More international netball events: At the end of October Laura went to Melbourne to work at her second Fast 5 World Series with Netball Australia. Laura has been the event physiotherapist for its time in Australia over the last two years and expects to continue in 2018. Each country that is awarded the event hosts, hosts for a period of three years. Being the event physiotherapist means seeing a mix of players, umpires and officials. This year Laura with the the Melbourne Vixen Sports doctor, Matt Chamberlain. The pair had some very interesting times discussing their mutual interest in complex conditions. 

Limestone Coast Sports Academy: Therapy for Life have recently commenced work with the Limestone Coast Regional Sporting Academy. As part of the pilot program being run, we have been conducting assessments of potential injury risks and providing advice of specific additions that can be made to training programs, that will keep these talented young athletes competitive and at their best. 

Blue Lake Fun Run: Therapy for Life attended its 4th Blue Lake Fun Run, providing free physiotherapy and massage services to those motivated athletes who braved the cool morning of December 3rd. With the participant numbers up from the previous year, we were able to match this in a number of athletes seen as we hand six hands on deck. Laura, Flinders University student Matt and Massage Therapist Melissa worked ceaselessly throughout the morning to alleviate those tired and sore legs of their post-run heaviness. 

University Student Placements: It has been a busy year in 2017 with four students through from Uni SA and Flinders University. We are continuing this commitment in 2018, taking on a total of 20 weeks of student placements. These give patients a chance for discounted treatments and students a great chance for rural exsposure and the variety of private practice. If you are an interested student please contact your university about a placement with us. We will always try to accomidate someone originally from the region. If you are an interested patient who would like to see a student please contact us for dates. 

Sports Courses: Both Tarsh and Carly have recently undertaken the Level 2 Sports Physiotherapy Course. This covered mored advanced physiotherapy points of sports physio such as load management, soft tissue injury management, upskilling of techniques, diagnostic cluster assessment approaches and kinetic chain evalution.Laura has also recently completed her training to begin presenting on the Level 1 Sports Courses and hopes to commence this soon. 

Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2017:  We were excited to find out we had been nominated in the MGCOC Awards for the first time in 2017. While we didn’t take home the main prize it was exciting to be nominated by someone in the community.