Tape: We stock: rigid - strapping tape; Hyperfix - low allergy underwrap; stretch tape - Leuko tapes; Kinesiology tape - great for sport. Basically, we have all the types of tape that you'll need for sport or recovery. 


Physio Balls: We use Physio balls constructed for use as exercise equipment, they are anti-burst and come with a 300kg rating.


Therapy Discs: We have inflatable discs to use where a Physio Ball is impractical.


Orthotics:  We now supply Step Forward Orthotics and continue to supply ICB orthotics, they are pre made orthotics can be customised with heat moulding or by the application of wedges. This system provides the best value for money with off the shelf pricing and customisation to fit the way it needs to.


Braces: We carry a stock of our most commonly used braces. If we need to order a brace in for you, it is usually takes only a few days from ordering, depending on supplier stock levels.


Hotteeze: These single use heat pads are great little things. once opened, they provide a continuous heat for about 12 hours. They also come in a design specifically made to go in you're shoes to keep your feet all toasty.


Creams: We use a range of creams and have access to an even bigger range. We also have cold sprays, sprays to help tape stick, or to help get tape off.


Many More: We also have many more products to help you with your recovery.