Welcome Tarsh

2nd of March 2015 
Its been so hectic around here, we forgot all about updating the website!

We very excited to announce Tarsh McCallum has joined our team!  Tarsh graduated from UniSA in December 2014 and started working for us shortly after. We are very proud to announce that Tarsh has been awarded the Elma Casley Prize for showing the greatest clinical and human relationship skills

Tarsh works with us full time; Mount Gambier on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday afternoons and Fridays. She is also in Millicent all day Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings. Tarsh will be available at East Gambier netball courts on Thursday evenings from about 5:15pm for approximately one hour during the netball season, if you have any concerns or questions for her.

That about all for now!

MAHS Funding

20th of June 2013

MAHS Funding, for those of you who many not know, was a great scheme to supply funded physiotherapy for clients who may not have been able to access treatment otherwise. Originally set up by the Limestone Coast Division of General Practice (LCDGP) in 2005, it has helps hundreds of people in the Millicent and Beachport area access much needed treatment. Fast forward to 2013, with the introduction of Medicare Local and phasing out of the LCDGP we gained a new contract to continue to supply this much needed service.

Unfortunately, with the approaching new financial year, Medicare Local has determined that the funding is better spent elsewhere. With no public physio service in Millicent and long waiting lists for public treatment through the Mount Gambier Hospital, it is leaving a large gap in the healthcare for the people of the Millicent region.

If this effects you we do apologise but unfortunately, we can do nothing about it. What we encourage you to do is write to the Medicare Local CEO Lincoln Size:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or call on (08) 8531 0471

Hopefully we can raise enough awareness to get this funding back, and help the people that need it.


Dave Farewell

5th of April 2013

It’s with a heavy heart that we say farewell to David.

David has been with us for just over six years, starting in February 2007 as a brand new graduate from Uni SA. Six years on, David is now a confident and very knowledgeable Physio with a tremendous amount of skill.

David has decided to move on to what we hope are bigger and better things for his future. He finishes with us on friday the 12th of April.

From all of us at Therapy for Life, we wish him all the best in his new endeavors.


SA Forests

21st of January, 2011

Don't privatise SA forests!

The move to sell forward rotations of the pine forests in the South East of South Australia is a hot issue in the local area. For those whom may not have heard about this, basically the State Government owns the pine forest plantations, which it sells to the local mills for processing. The forestry industry is the major employment force and a vital income stream for the cities and towns in the South East.

Quote from Brad Coates- Secretary, Greater Green Triangle District CFMEU FFPD1.

"Currently Forestry SA returns between $35 million and $45 million back into general revenue for the state each year (last financial year $43mil). The current rotation period is 37 years, so for example if one rotation is sold, the current pricing of logs should return somewhere in the vicinity of $2billion."

Another quote at the same forum, from Lynette Martin – Chairperson of the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce2.

"Our belief is that if someone is taking on a level of risk in forward sales of timber or any resource, they would not undertake such an arrangement without purchasing at an advantageous rate and therefore not only are we being sold off, but sold off at a discounted rate!"

This decision of the Rann government will jeopardise hundreds of jobs, and the viability of the mills. The flow on effect will be felt right through the region. It is an unacceptable move, and is in no way supported by us at Therapy for Life.

More information available from

1 Brad Coates- Secretary, Greater Green Triangle District CFMEU FFPD, delivered on 3rd of November 2010.

2 Lynette Martin – Chairperson of the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce, delivered on 3rd of November 2010.


Blog - Newsletter


24th December 2010

Welcome to our first blog. I am really excited about starting this a way of communicating information with people about issues relevant to physiotherapy, our practice and health in general. You can expect over coming months information about various conditions, products, health “myths” and other miscellaneous articles of interest.

It has been an incredibly stressful but rewarding time completing the second year of my Master of Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. I am pleased to announce that I graduated on December 13th, 2010. This means I now have nationally recognized advanced skills in sports and musculoskeletal conditions and am the only person in the Lower South East with these skills. I am looking forward to the continuing process of mentoring our other physiotherapists, imparting as much of this knowledge as possible and developing our skills further. We are also hoping to have an increasing role in taking physiotherapy students next year and developing the profile of the profession in the South East. We are also looking to employ a new graduate physiotherapist and I hope to be heavily involved in mentoring them.


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Years.