Patient Resources:

New Clients:

Initial appointments are slightly more expensive and may be longer in length depending on the complexity of the problem being treated. See our fees page to look at our full price list. If you are a private patient a referral is not required. However, clients are required to fill out our details form before their initial appointment.

You can either:

Arrive early for your appointment and fill the paperwork out in our clinic.

Download a printable copy here, which you can bring in with you when you come in for your appointment. 

Download a pdf with active fields here, that you can fill out on your computer, and email it to us at

New WorkCover/Motor Vehicle Accident Clients:

WorkCover clients have a lot more paperwork to fill out. We usually ask WorkCover clients to come in 15 minutes early to fill out this paperwork. However, you can read the information below and fill out the paperwork that relates to you beforehand if you like.

As well as filling out our client details form. All WorkCover clients also have to fill out our claim details form.

Which can be found as a printable copy here.

Or a copy with active fields can be found here

WorkCover clients will also need to fill out some outcome measures before their appointment. Outcome measures are questionaires about your injury, pain and wellbeing. That can used to compare your progress. You will need to fill out outcome measures every 10 visits or upon request.

The Orebro Outcome Measure needs to be filled out by all workcover clients. 

Which can be found as a printable copy here.

Or a copy with active fields here

You may need to fill out other outcome measures on the day of your appointment but this will depend on what area you are being treated for.

Pre-Work Assessments:

If you are an employer looking to organise a Pre-Work Assessment for a potential employee contact us on 87248114 or email us at 

If you are a patient who will be undergoing a Pre-Work Assessment we do require you to fill out our Pre-Work Client Details form.

Which can be found as a printable copy here.

Sports Screenings:

If you are looking to organise a sports screening with us. Contact us on 87248114 or email us at

All sports screening patients have to fill out the Client Details form found at the top of the page before being seen. The forms can be filled out in our clinic, brought in or emailed to us.